Connecting the POWER of the Black Dollar!


Enabling Group Economics

Over the years there has been plenty of talk about "Group Economics" and what it's execution can do to help empower our race. There are actually plenty of groups working toward it on various levels in their local communities. aims to enable the power of Group Economics by providing the technical infrasructure and platform to connect businesses and consumers within a high quality, rewarding ecosystem designed specifically with our future in mind.

The Future In Your Hands

Aside from the power that brings to your desktop and laptop, we are putting the power directly in your hands by enabling you to use the your smart phone to search for and locate black businesses. mobile applications utilize location based search and other mobile sensors to allow automatic finding of businesses around you.

Availalble on mobile soon on web, Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows phone.

Commitment vs. Convenience

One of the greatest challenges in practicing group economics is the reality that there has been no universal method for locating black businesses, solves this by providing a connected automatic platform.

Your commitment to help level the playing field now comes with the convenience of being able to use your smartphone find, research, support and rate black businesses.

List Your Business

No cost. Simple. Get Listed to be Found.

If you aren't listed you can't be found. Get started today, your customers are looking for you.

Register & Support

Get Registered. Get Notified. Get Rewarded

By registering with you will get notified of all upcoming launches, receive coupons and special offers from businesses in the directory and have the ability to rate and leave reviews on businesses.