The Black Card

The Ultimate in discount loyalty rewards at businesses across the nation.

The Black Card allows you to receive discounts and special privileges at local businesses in various cities & markets.

The Black Card which is normally a low cost of $49.99 per year is being offered for a limited time for $20.00.  Your very own personalized Black Card will include your Name, and unique card number.


How does it work?

  • Look for businesses that have the \” Retail Sticker.\” (if they are listed in the directory then they will accept the black card)
  • Let them know you have the \”Black Card\”
  • Each business has special offers and discounts that it provides for members of the Black Card

Other Details 

  • Each Black Card is unique, thus if you want to qualify for special discounts, prizes and more from the businesses you frequent please utilize your very own black card.
  • If you go to a business who is listed in the directory and you have a problem using your black card please send an email to


Get Your Black Card NOW!